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Juuri Soul Caller

Juuri Soul Caller

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A little soul caller, who has set himself the goal of protecting, nurturing and caring for our fragile souls.

What the soul caller does:

Away from major emotional ruptures that require professional help, there are also everyday situations in which parts of our soul can be left behind. Whether it is because we feel particularly good in a certain place or with a certain person ("I have lost my heart"), a part of us is unexpectedly frightened or in conflicts and situations of hurt.

This little soul caller is available for all these purposes:
  • to call back the lost parts in order to be complete again
  • for restful, balanced nights and small, centring rituals in between
Made from protective elder wood, with an engraved power symbol that also helps to keep the soul together.

Country of manufacture: This product is proudly handmade with love in Switzerland. Each piece is unique and may therefore differ from the pictures on this page.
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