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Lovi Rabbit Light Pink M 9cm

Lovi Rabbit Light Pink M 9cm

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The Lovi rabbit stretches curiously, looks around and pricks up his ears to listen better. Little rabbits are bursting with excitement because there is so much to discover in the world.

Place this adorable specimen as a favourite piece in a child's room or add a lively detail to spring decorations. A group of little bunnies brightens up the Easter season and reminds us of the start of spring with a cheerful sound.

Dive into new adventures with the Lovi bunny or give a friend a nice surprise. This family-friendly bunny symbolises new life and is an excellent gift for people with a growing family.

Material: Environmentally friendly Finnish birch plywood

Hand-painted with non-toxic water-based toy paint. The natural wood material is visible through the thin layer of paint. Plastic-free. Easy to send, postcard-style packaging. Illustrated instructions inside the packaging. Patented. Design: Anne Paso

Country of manufacture: This product is proudly handmade with love in Finland.
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