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Juuri "Poro" Necklace with Reindeer Antler Pendant

Juuri "Poro" Necklace with Reindeer Antler Pendant

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Discover the deep connection with nature through our unique necklaces with reindeer antler pendants.

This artfully designed necklace is more than just a piece of jewellery - it is a symbol of the mystical power and beauty of the Nordic wilderness. The reindeer antler pendant is decorated with energizing sigils that capture the essence of vastness, forest, water and the call of passing cranes. If you listen carefully, you might even be able to make out the dark crackling of the evening campfire and the howling of a distant pack of wolves. These symbols carry the spiritual power and energy of Nordic nature and serve as a reminder of the wonders and secrets of our energising forests.

The reindeer antlers are processed with birch mushroom and chaga, two healing mushrooms from the Nordic nature known for their revitalising and protective properties. The antlers are carefully treated with birch oil to emphasise and preserve their natural beauty.

Wear this necklace as an expression of your connection to nature, as a symbol of strength, protection and harmony and be inspired by the timeless beauty and powerful energy of the North.

Country of manufacture: This product is proudly handmade with love in Switzerland. Each piece is unique and may therefore differ from the pictures on this page.

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