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Juuri "Koivu" Necklace with Birch Wood Pendant

Juuri "Koivu" Necklace with Birch Wood Pendant

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Immerse yourself in a deep connection with nature with our unique necklace, featuring a birch wood pendant.

This artfully designed necklace is not just a piece of jewellery, but a gateway to the wilderness of the north. The pendant is adorned with powerful sigils that capture the call of the wild, the roots of the earth, the midnight sun and the whisper of the trees. These symbols carry the essence of grounding, strength and connection with nature.

The birch wood is reinforced with birch and white moss oil, allowing the pendant to capture the warm and calming qualities of the forest. A powerful symbol on the pendant embodies the light, vastness and silence of the Nordic landscape as well as the soft singing of the trees. It evokes the calming feeling of dozing on a sun-warmed, moss-covered rock in the forest, accompanied by the song of passing birds and the gentle hum of hard-working woodland creatures.

Wear this necklace as a symbol of grounding, strengthening and warmth. Be inspired by the deep connection with nature and experience the peace and power of the Nordic forest.

Country of manufacture: This product is proudly handmade with love in Switzerland. Each piece is unique and may therefore differ from the pictures on this page.
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