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Juuri "Koivu" Finnish Incense Blend 20g

Juuri "Koivu" Finnish Incense Blend 20g

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Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of Finnish incense with the Koivu incense blend.

This powerful blend of, in Finland collected birch leaves, rowan, white moss and swamp pore releases a refreshing and calming scent that revitalises body and mind. Birch (Koivu), symbolising new beginnings and renewal, infuses this blend with transformative energy, while rowan offers protection and strength. White moss gently cleanses and clears the senses, while swamp pore grounds and connects to nature. 'Koivu' offers not only deep cleansing and strengthening, but also a protective shield for your home and spirit.

Discover the healing power of Nordic nature with 'Koivu'.

Country of manufacture: This product is proudly handmade with love in Switzerland.
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